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+An Unending Mechanism

{ P - E - N- M } Perpetual - Endless - Noise - Machine

// Greetings from the machine. Enjoy your visit.

// This journal is a feed of various interests. Mainly concerns robots, sci-fi, fantasy, writings, games and various other material. Verbal rolling is present. However, mere connection placement is much more frequent.

// Feel free to comment, friend or whathave you.

// Disappearing can occur. Perpetuation continues, simply un-recorded. Forgive late replies should they happen.

{ Regards and thanks }


WaMoH Update: Arc 1 – Page 64

// Arc 1 – Page 64

Very happy the holidays are over. Been an incredibly crazy year. Lot of frustrations and things I haven’t finished yet. The fight is as always to keep the creative pilot light on, and get things done.

Also, I’ve been really content with the way Wilhelm (longihorn) came out. The original design was more chameleon, and as commented by Cei perhaps a bit too creepy to be loveable.  Maybe we’ll see this reject design pop up elsewhere.

The site is undergoing a second round of construction; nothing too major, just trying to keep the comic pages as the main focus. Glad people have been enjoying the re-design so far.

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You Should Buy Her a Real Gift

//Feb 2013 for season 5 <3.

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These Chains I Made In Life


//With the holiday drawing close, I was delighted to discover a new radio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Produced by Shane Salk, it features a slew of amazing voice actors (Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulson,Neil Flynn and others).  Really enjoyed listening to this during work!

Radio Drama Revival offers a preview of the audio drama. You can download the whole shebang at Blackstone Audio’s  site.

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WaMoH Update: Arc 1 – Page 63

//Arc 1 – Page 63

“Lognihorn” comes from a combination of “lognicorn” + “horn”. Lognicorn is also known as a long horn beetle (Cerambycidae), which was the aim of the mix. It’s a stretch for a pun, but we wanted a little twist to usual fantasy cattle. Little guy turned out to be a hell of a cutie.

A future plan is to have blog updates that contain bestiary entries. Goal is to start this after the holiday, assuming I have any bones left over from the craziness.

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Artist Charity Drive Successfest

// A little late, but the Artist Charity Drive I participated in was a great success! The event raised over $1300 and gathered a ton of great images in the gallery. You can see MonsterHive’s works there.

It was a fun event, albeit some technical issues. I only wish I could have contributed more.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to the organizers at the Webcast Beacon. Very happy something like this could be done!

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Hit and Miss

// If you were able to witness it in the thankfully short hour that it remained alive, SE launched a facebook hurgle-burgle for Hitman: The Hittening  that allowed you to “jokingly” take hits out on your friend’s lives AND attach a pre-generated message of mockery concerning their physical looks.  WHAT.

As mentioned in the comments of this Gamasutra article, what is particularly telling about this situation is how the app is so directly designed with this offensive content.  Rather than even  being just a title-themed vehicle for messages, it actually provides the offensive content itself. Usually the problem encountered with these events is solely in the user’s content, but SE certainly seemed to have saved time on that end. WHELP.




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WaMoH Update: Arc 1 – Page 60

// Arc 1 – Page 60

The little bird on the ground is called a “butter ball”.

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Artist Charity Drive

// I’ll be participating in an Artist Charity Drive on December 1st. The drive is to gather funds to help victims of Hurricane Sandy via drawing requests. A chat is being organized in tinychat.

Due to my night schedule I’ll be trying to participate between 10am to 2-4pmish. I’m afraid I can’t provide a livestream, but I’ll still be available for sketch drawings and chat.

Come by, donate and hang out with a ton of talented people working on art for a great cause!

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WaMoH Update: Arc 1 – Page 59

// Arc 1 – Page 59

Posted some of Cei’s development work for the page in the blogroll. I hope we’ll be able to share stuff like this more often.

Trying to take it slow and transit better.

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